Our Projects

ZimHCAS humbly & proudly presents India as an affordable and clinically astute destination for medical treatments. Our specially designed multi-specialty Clinical programs, our ever improving Success Rates and our ever audited clinical excellence with our partner Hospitals make us the preferred Healthcare assist services.

We treasure our five valuable pillars of experience “Trust, Commitment, Patient Care, Affordability & Transparency” ZimHCAS is not committed to any particular hospital and are privileged to have the top surgeons of the world from various Indian hospitals and of all specialties’ associated with us. We work towards providing a credibility to the opinions that are provided for the clinical & medical documents of the client that are sent to us and are proud to work towards capacity building of the Local hospitals of Zimbabwe.

We have been introducing the Zimbabwean populace to these specialists via various community conveniences in churches, Universities and hospitals to build confidence among them. Our main aim is to enhance Local empowerment through training programs in India under these specialists.

ZimHCAS has committed itself to spread a healthy smile on all our clients’ faces and provide committed healthcare for one and all through dedicated research and Committed Clinical Excellence & Successes.

VAAS MEDI CONSULTANTS PVT LTD signed an MOU with MPILO Central Hospital Bulawayo


The MOU is aimed at strengthening the existing healthcare facilities at MPILO Hospital Bulawayo and is working on enhancing the facilities further by bringing on specialists from various hospitals in India to set up the Clinical Centers of Excellence at these centers. It is a long drawn process and we are working towards creating the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. We are sure that the efforts of MPILO and us will bear the fruits in the near future. The whole team from MPILO was hosted by us at Delhi and they visited the complete Partner hospital profile of VAAS and went back happy and satisfied. They held long discussions with our specialists and were comfortbale at their explanations and the way forward.



SEARHealth Foundation organized various Consumer Convenience and Healthcamps


SEARHealkth Organized a Cardiac and Eye Conference at Harare with First Mutual Medical Aid