The services and programs are aimed at implementing the above programs and creating an environment sustainable and rich for our team of specialists to reach out to the regions with their skills and prowess

Patient Assist Centers

These are specialized centers which would function towards the patient education and providing the patient the right knowledge and information about his disease and the required treatment protocols and whether the same is available locally or he would need to travel to other destination for his treatments. This center would be working as an IT integrated nodal center and would play an important role in Advocacy and patient support groups. This center would be fully equipped to handle patient queries and would endeavor towards processing them in the shortest span of time thus reducing the anxiety and waiting time of the Patient. This would also help the participating facilities in developing protocols for the surgically viable patients who would need to travel to an overseas destination.

Medical Travel Services

Medical Travel is one of the world’s oldest service Industry where Greeks traveled to India for Ayurveda treatment for their diseases as far as 1586. There are a lot of patients in the region who need medical treatment for their existing conditions. Fortunately countries like India, Turkey, Singaporeetc are world leaders in Surgical Medical Travel services. Unfortunately for the local country a lot of funds get transferred out of the country. We would like to be a part for the oldest industry till we are able to create the centers so discussed above. Through our SEARHEALTH foundation we intend to create a revolution in the Medical Travel Industry and intend to create a comprehensive packaging for the patient so that there is a lot of credibility in our endeavors and at the same time we are able to stop the progression of disease. We intend that our program is able to hasten the treatments and the patients are treated and diagnosed at an early stage. It is our endeavor to create a fund which will support these activities.

Comprehensive Packages

  1. Diagnostics
  2. Treatments Medical/ Surgical
  3. Post Op & follow up Care
  4. Medicines for one month
  5. Tickets for Patient / Donor
  6. Logistic support in Delhi (Guest Houses and Transport to and from Hospital)
  7. Program Development funds

The Program development fund would be able to create a process where in the Patient Community would be able to take a loan for their Travel expenses. These would be interest free soft loans against collaterals

Program Based Events

The above mentioned programs would need a backup of these events which would be tailor-made to specification keeping the interests of the Medical Facilities, Medical Practitioners and the Patient fraternity in purview. These programs and events would be scientific, Patient centric, Information and knowledge oriented in nature. A dedicated module would be implemented and the events would be as.

  1. CME’s for the Local pool of specialists with visiting Specialists.
  2. Joint Clinics with the Local facilities and specialists.
  3. Consumer Conveniences with Churches and Local Institutions and Universities.
  4. Disease Prevention Programs with Corporates.
  5. Health Care Evaluation and Prevention programs.
  6. Medical Lectures in Schools of Medicines.
  7. Medical Care Audit at Corporate levels and with Medical aids.
  8. Masterclass Surgeries at Local facilities .
  9. Pharmaceutical Information in Collaboration with MoHCW.
  10. Medical Fairs and Healthcare camps.

Strategic Partnership

Create a Golden handshake between International specialists and the local Healthcare infrastructure partner to create a better understanding of the Medical business. These partnerships would be most essential to create a successful implementation of the sustained SERHealth programs.

Marketing & PR

A dedicated program for the partnering facilities for the business development and Patient experience enhancement. These programs would need to be tailor made as per the requirements of both the facilities and would be made for the engagement of the local populations, Private & public sector Corporates, Medical aid society, Government agencies, local Private Healthcare facilities, Government Institutes, Educational Institutes and Medical Practitioners. These programs would be most important as supports to the events that would need to be undertaken.

Specialty & Specialists Management

A dedicated campaign and awareness programs with development organizations and the local medical bodies where in the Specialty and specialists would be invited to partner in creating and implementing the specific programs. This program would be targeted at the MoHCW, Government Healthcare facilities, Medical Institutes, Medical Colleges and Private Hospitals where in the enhancement and surgical development of the programs are viable. The Other partners would be taken on for creating the program and creating clients for surgical Treatments.

Training & Knowledge Enhancements

Create modules for training and skill enhancement programs for the local Medical Practitioners, Para Medical Staff and Nursing Staff to compliment the International specialists and work at successful implementation of the Clinical Programs. These programs would be varied in Nature and would work towards creating a resource pool which would be most essential in the development of the clinical excellence. These schedules would be in the following nature

  1. Observer Modules
  2. Train The Trainer Program
  3. Fellows Modules
  4. Follow Up care Modules
  5. OT Scrubs for Surgery
  6. Physicians Modules

Information Technology

This part of the objective will look at pursuing the integration of Information Technology with Healthcare Delivery Systems. The IT sector will be utilized to set up Healthcare deliveries and providing First aid at the distant localities by way of the HUB and Spoke model. This domain will deal with Tele Medicine, Online Medical Boards within the programs, Online training platforms, Digital Marketing, Software development, Targeted smart phone applications, Tele Consult & Opinion, Tele Radiology, Tele Histopathology etc.

Hospital Management

We have the requisite strength in taking the complete infrastructure on a management contract to deliver the best service, Business development and financial growth. Our expertise in international Partnerships will assist us in creating an ideal Hospital in the local market.

Loyalty & Awareness Programs

As the name suggests create an understanding in development of Relationship wherein we have a brand loyalty. These programs are various and can be identified as Discount Cards, Bank Loans, Pharmacy membership’s discounts, Cross promotions, Etc.

Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Establish a partnership with generic Pharma & Medical devices companies to establish a presence in the Local / International Market through us. We would be their Liaison Company.

Third Party Administration

A Third Party Administrator (TPA) is an organization which processes claims or provides cashless facilities as a separate entity. Seen as an outsourcing of claim processing, TPA processes claims for both retail and corporate policies. The risk of loss incurred remains with the insurance company. The insurance company usually contracts a reinsurance company to share its risk. An insurance company hires TPA to manage its claims processing, provider network and utilization review.